Can A 6 Month Old Wear A Life Jacket?

Can a 6 Month Old Wear a Life Jacket FI

What is an Infant Life Jacket?

Infant life jackets are supposed to be snug fit and effectively raise the infant’s head above the water’s surface. 

Can a 6 Month Old Wear a Life Jacket? To give you an idea, you should practice keeping the baby in a swimming pool while using the infant life jacket to feel more confident about just how they function.


Bringing a baby on a boat causes some people much anxiety. Getting an infant baby does not prevent you from boating if you are an experienced boater.

In reality, boating with a baby is just about as easy as boating with young toddlers who are playing around and need proper adult supervision.

Also, the best thing about it is…

…If people sleep on a boat, nothing beats the gentle rocking of a boat to put a baby down. There’s really no reason as to why you won’t be able to go boating with a baby unless you take appropriate safety equipment.

Take note…

According to the U.S Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety (PFD), an infant must not ride on a boat unless a child’s weight is at least 18 lbs and therefore can wear a personal flotation device.

Between the ages of four and eleven months, few babies attain that weight. That being said, we have discovered a few infant life jackets that match well and are designed for children under 30 pounds. 

And also, the Coast Guard does not promote or recommend taking infants onboard, especially when it’s just recreational boat time with your family. 

Not only that…

A constructed “face up” support pillow with a loop grip at the end, as well as a strap that passes between both thighs, are included in an infant PFD to avoid the jacket slipping up.

Should Babies Wear Infant Life Jackets?

Now, you’re probably wondering why babies must wear a coast guard approved life vest when you can secure your child’s protection by holding them and placing them still in one spot. 

Also, it’s basic knowledge not to put your little munchkin on a separate non floating device when cruising a boat. The question here is, “why should a baby still wear an infant life jacket?” 

You should know….

… that wearing a life jacket either in or near the water, when paired with the right adult supervision, is your child’s greatest defense against drowning.

Even if you don’t intend to place your baby in the water, pediatric experts recommend that you keep them in a life jacket once they’re around a body of water (such as a lake, ocean, or sea).

Safely Boarding & Safe Boating With A Baby 

We got you covered today…

One factor to bear in mind when traveling by boat is how to safely board and disembark the boat with your baby.

Most people choose not to move the infant over through the water’s edge into the boat and instead pass it to someone already on board. 

Of course, a life vest is still important as you cannot tell if or when an accident is likely to occur, say, for example, you lost grip of the baby and the infant fell on the water.

We don’t want that to happen, right?

To be honest…

I’ve always felt better climbing onto the side of a boat while clinging on to the baby rather than passing the baby over to someone else.

Any infant baby must always be accompanied by a parent when on the boat deck.

As you know…

The gentle and sensitive skin of a newborn baby necessitates adequate shading and sun protection. These are sound guidelines for any child, regardless of age.

Babies enjoy taking in their surroundings, and boating provides an excellent nature experience with plenty of ways to keep them entertained, including water, birds, ducks, fish, cool breezes, and much more.

The dynamic motion of a boat, coupled with the scenery around it, provides a perfect opportunity for your baby to fall asleep and a quick nap for you!

When Should My Child Wear a Life Jacket?

If you’re a type of person who enjoys riding your own boat moments with your family or someone who has a baby who enjoys boat rides, then you must get your “boat baby” or “boat kids” an infant life vest that is US Coast Guard Approved and with solid safety features. 

You’re probably wondering…

When should you purchase a baby life jacket for your kid? Lucky for you, we got everything you need to look for when it comes to buying the best infant life jackets to keep your baby comfortable while cruising…

If your “new boat baby” is not yet ready for a few swim lessons, then that’s fine as they could still enjoy the day with fresh air and open waters, as long as your newborn babies or boater kids wear the right safety gear, which the boating industry strictly requires.

Let’s get on it… 

Below are a few things you should consider when you are ready to buy your baby’s life jacket. 

  • A good crotch strap and leg strap to ensure a proper fit
  • An infant life vest with a webbing harness system
  • An oversized collar that provides your babe with excellent head support
  • A life jacket that has the perfect size without it hitting the child’s chin, baby’s face, and ears.

Best Life Jackets & Safety Gear To Keep Your Baby Safe

It’s important to buy life jackets with multiple functional safety gears for your child, like one with a waist belt, extra head support, neck support, crotch straps, and grab strap to pull baby out of the water if needed. 

Also, don’t forget to look for one with a coast guard approval note.

Salus Bijoux Baby Vest

Can a 6 Month Old Wear a Life Jacket

It’s true that the Coast Guard’s Office does not recommend a baby on board, however with Salus Bijoux Baby Vest expect a personal flotation device that is especially fit for newborn babies. 


The structure guarantees that the baby turns face-up from a face-forward posture when afloat, and the collar caresses the head.

The mesh harness and narrow front add to the convenience of the life vest while sitting or lying down, and it’s a piece of cake to get a child in and out.

Stearns Infant Classic Series Vest

This open-sided vest has a durable nylon shell, a leg strap, and a grab handle for you to conveniently pull baby out of water anytime you want. Also has good support for the baby’s head.

It’s also one of the most cost-effective options available at this price range, $22.29.

Sizing guidelines: For children weighing less than 30 pounds with a chest measurement of 16 to 20 inches.

Personal Flotation Devices

Can a 6 Month Old Wear a Life Jacket

Only refers to one thing and that is a life jacket. 

But did you know…

There are 5 types of flotation devices? 

Yes, you read that right! Check it out below: 

Type 1: Offshore Life Jackets

Type 2: Near-Shore Life Vests

Type 3: Flotation Aids

Type 4: Throwable Devices

Type 5: Special-Use Devices


Can A 6 Month Old wear a life Jacket?

There you have it! Did you enjoy having an informative read today? 

I know that as a parent we’re very thorough when it comes to our child’s safety, but I do hope that I helped you with some tips to consider when availing the best infant vests for your babies and when and how they should be worm! 


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