Welcome to boat priority!

Life is all about priorities…

Wait, where are we?

A self-improvement website?

In a way – yes

Here at Boat Priority – we’re all about boating – you’ll find everything and anything to do with water – and water-related hobbies – hobbies for the good life.

Based on our experience we know that the best way to enjoy our hobbies is to use them to improve every second we have.

So – here at Boat Priority we’re going deep on all the best boat-related subjects – and we’re adding little touches of information on conscious living for you too. 

Conscious awareness is a necessity;  having high goals will mean that all the benefits of our hobbies will positively affect so many other aspects of life – our careers, families, and learning.


By helping each other, advising each other, and challenging ourselves – physically and mentally.

So many benefits…

We started this blog because we love what we do; talking about kayaks, kayak gear, hacks on everything related to boating and fishing. 

Then when we started offering advice to our audience on pretty much every subject you can think of – we realized that because our site was reaching thousands of people – the responsibility is of course huge – kayaking is fun, it’s great but it absolutely MUST be done responsibly.

So – with our extensive experience and motivation we can offer you arguably the best advice on the net today.

The priority is to be safe – have fun, and enjoy every moment you spend in the open with your family and friends.

That’s the (Boat)  PRIORITY!


Done Is Better Than Perfect

All content on this site has been planned and edited by our team to ensure we meet the highest quality standards. I occasionally use freelance writers to help me put articles together – but nothing is published online without a green light from me, as  Chief Editor.

All information we publish is as accurate as possible – meaning you can trust us to help you plan trips and make great buying decisions.

As far as possible we try to touch and feel the products we review in our blog – to get real-life experience – but we also rely extensively on online feedback from real users.

We also spend a lot of time in stores across the country – talking to staff – to get to know all the latest information and new product releases – hot off the press.

All in all…

… I want this site to be a resource you can trust. Information is NEVER rigged by brand sponsorship – so go ahead – we now hand the baton over to you to make the best choices.

My priority on this site is to allow you focus on boating Essentials, sailing & fishing.

‘Life Priority’ is Important Too – Learning To live Consciously Towards a Life Full of gratitude and happiness…

I believe that the best way to enjoy our passion is by accepting that life is not boating or fishing but when we are doing it we give 200 % of our focus, to have intense moments and sensations. That’s why I will always repeat and want from you to repeat every time you begin your activity what is your priority.

And you will know that the response is go to Boat Priority.